Croatia Travel guide, the best places to holiday.

Croatia is one of the most beautiful coastal nations in Europe. It’s a unique blend of eastern and Mediterranean Europe. It has a whopping 5800km long coastline with it’s many islands included. Although there is no shortage of amazing and beautiful sights, There are a whole lot of fun stuff to do in Croatia. Great historical sites and monuments, must visit natonal parks, beautiful beaches, go island hopping, hire a yacht and explore the beautiful coastline.

As a coastal destination, Croatia is well known for having the prettiest beaches on the Adriatic sea. The turquoise blue water and sandy beaches are loved by tourists and photographers alike. However, there are more to this unique location than beaches and seaside villages. We will explore some of the beautiful places in mainland Croatia along with the coastline in this travel guide.

The best places to holiday in Croatia.


We are convinced, that Dubrovnik cannot be left out of the list of the best places to holiday in Croatia. It has one of the most amazing Old Town districts in Europe. Therefore it is no wonder, that most of the scenes from King’s Landing was shot in Dubrovnik.

Along with Trogir, Dubrovnik is part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Its big old town area has been a popular tourist destination since the early days of tourism. While most locations were discovered quite slowly, Dubrovnik has been in the centre of attention for quite a while when it comes to tourism.

Once you step inside the original city walls, you will be taken into another world. You will feel like travelling right back into medieval ages. Walking on the cobblestone streets, within buildings that feel older than time itself is a unique feeling to experience. Dubrovnik is well connected to all major airports in europe and you can find plenty of cheap flight and hotels if you book early.


2.The Island of Hvar

One of the top holiday destinations in Croatia is The Hvar Island, It is a favourite of tourists. It’s located south of Brac island and offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia for those who love the beach and the beautiful coastline this is your spot. Hire a yacht and discover the the turquoise blue water and sandy beaches of the Adriatic sea. There are plenty of beautiful sea side cottages and hotels to choose from.

Apart from the beaches, the island is full of old medieval architecture and villages. Most of them survived the test of time quite well. Once the sun goes down it will be evident to you why Hvar is popular especially amongst the younger travellers. The main town on the island, also called Hvar, will transform into a party town, complete with cafes, bars and night clubs that are open late into the early morning.


3. Rovinj Old Town

Rovinj is a city less than an hour away from Pula. No surprise that it has had plenty of Roman influence throughout history. To be honest, Rovinj looks like a town from the Venetian coastal region of Italy. It’s just in Croatia. This is a must visit on the list of best places to holiday in Croatia.

Built on a small isle, originally it was only reachable by a bridge. Ever since then the land has been filled up, now the old town has its own tiny peninsula. Surrounded by water, this special medieval town has one of the most charming atmospheres in Croatia. No surprise it is featured on the list of top romantic getaways in Croatia.

Wondering the cobblestone streets of this small old town area, you will be greeted with beauty around each corner. From tiny little sidestreets to grandiose plazas, this old town part has it all, condensed into a peninsula on the Adriatic.


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4. Pula

In Croatia, Pula is the main attraction if you are planning to see some Roman ruins. As the centre of administration for the region in Roman times, it has one of the best ancient ruins of any Croatian city.

Not only that but the roman Amphitheatre in Pula, is one of the best-conserved Amphitheatre in the whole world, along with the Colosseum. Better yet, the Amphitheatre of Pula is in use today. You can catch musicals, theatre performances and live music performances here. Attending a live performance in the ancient building of the Roman Amphitheatre is a very unique and memorable experience.

Additionally to the beautiful Roman ruins in the city, the region also has a great history of winemaking and fishing. Whenever visiting, make sure you try some of the local wines and have some local seafood.


5. Motovun

This iconic city in the Istria region of Croatia is perfect for an autumn getaway. The town resides on a hilltop and has a charming old town area. The surrounding region has been known for great wine and is perfect for visiting some wineries.

The town is also very famous for its excellent truffle, that is growing in the surrounding woods. As such, we recommend you to try the truffle out in one of the many restaurants and hotels around the area.

Even if you are looking to catch some sun on the beach Motovun is located less than an hour away from the Istrian coast, so you are not missing out on the beautiful shore of Croatia.


6. Trogir Old Town

With the city of Trogir, we have our first urban location on the list of best places to holiday in Croatia. Trogir is just west of Split. You can get here with a relatively short drive. The towns most famous attraction is the Historic City of Trogir.

This historic location sits on a tiny island in the middle of the city. Apart from being one of the best-preserved Mediterranean medieval city, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. This amazing old town has been shaped by all the great seafaring nations of the past. You will find that the influence of such nations, like the Greeks and Romans, have made the Historical City Centre of Trogir quite a special place.

The fact that it has survived the test of time in such an amazing state is a wonder in itself. We highly recommend visiting this pretty UNESCO site.


7.Brela Beach – Punta Rata

It is in an orderly fashion, we start our list of prettiest places in a country known for its breathtaking coastline, on a beach. South of Split, almost halfway to Dubrovnik lies the city of Brela. This particular town is well known for its the beautiful beach the Punta Rata. There is plenty of fun things to do while in brela.

It seems like to us that the water is always crystal clear, and the most beautiful shade of turquoise around here. Along with the beautiful sea, this white pebble beach will provide you with a view even if you turn back towards the land. Right behind you are the mountains of Biokovo Nature Park.

In 1968, this beachside has been named ‘Champion of the Adriatic’. Although it has been a couple of years since 1968, even today, Punta Rata is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic. Brela Beach is definitely among the list of best places to holiday in Croatia.


8. Zlatni Rat, Brac

Zlatni Rat is one of the most unique beaches of Croatia. Also known as the Golden Horn, this pretty beach has been a symbol of Brac Island.

The white sandy beach and the always beautiful Adriatic Sea could alone make this beach noteworthy. However, its most unique feature is its location. Located on the south side of Brac Island, it is a tiny sand isle extending into the sea. The size of the actual beach will always be dependent on the sea.

It’s not only the beachgoers that love Zlatni Rat. Due to it’s unique geographical location, the sea around it can get windy with great waves. This makes the beach a perfect spot for sailors, sea lovers that love sailing, windsurfers as well.


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